Invited as a guest speaker for "Career Design by Practitioners" Course at National Chiba University

Pro Bono

On November 16, 2022, I had the honor of speaking as a guest in the "Career Design by Practitioners" class at the National Chiba University, where I, as a female entrepreneur, answered questions from over 200 students. Topics ranged from whether to choose a stable job, the meaning of work, balancing family and career, reasons for starting a business, to the challenges of studying or relocating abroad. In a Japan facing a tumultuous era, I discussed the non-existence of 'stability,' the necessity of focusing on personal aspirations, and the joy and significance of work. In an era of uncertainties marked by the declining yen and aging population, it's easy to offer comforting reassurances like "everything is still alright, no need to worry too much." However, I spoke passionately, wishing that students, who are the future of Japan, not only feel a sense of urgency but also harbor big dreams as they continue their academic journey.