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We offer a wide range of solutions centered around Public Relations to deliver corporate messages to your targets.

The contract type is a fixed monthly retainer, with a basic term of 3 months or more. However, customization is possible to meet your needs, so please consult with us.

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Jayid CEO Nanako Akiyoshi

Nanako Akiyoshi

JAYID Inc. CEO / Lecturer at National Chiba University

Graduated with a Master's in War Studies from King's College London. Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2007, where the main responsibilities were external public relations and branding. Experienced in building the PR functions of a subsidiary from zero to one and served in corporate planning. After leaving Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2015, participated in launching the Branch of a health tech Startup in Singapore and went on a solo assignment to Singapore with a five-year-old child. Founded the strategic public relations consulting firm JAYID in 2018.

Message from the CEO

Thank You for Your Interest in JAYID. Currently, we are receiving a diverse range of requests for "strategic public relations" work from startups to major corporations, and not just domestically but from many overseas companies as well. During my postgraduate studies in War Studies, I witnessed how countries are differentiated by public relations—at a national level—into those that are loved, those that are disliked, those that are correctly understood by the world, and those that are not. I believe that public relations is about the efforts made by nations, companies, and services to be loved by those they want to support them, to be warmly supported on both sunny and rainy days. The world has changed dramatically through the pandemic. The services people desire have changed, and value systems and behaviours have shifted globally. In such a changing world, we ponder what it means to be a beloved entity throughout the ages. Every company possesses a variety of charms, both apparent and latent. It is my desire to find, nurture, and communicate these charms, supporting the process with all my might as a professional. Personally, as a corporation/individual, I have a strong sense of urgency regarding the challenges associated with particular SDGs, specifically: 1: No Poverty 4: Quality Education 5: Gender Equality 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions I am committed to actively engaging in pro bono activities for organizations that align with these goals.





Central Bldg. 2F, Kyobashi 1-1-5, Chuo, Tokyo

Biz Domain:

Supporting Corporate Public Relations and Branding Activities


・Companies Listed on the Prime Market in Japan

・Global Companies expanding into Japan

・Domestic and International Unicorn Companies


Crisis PR management support to listed companies
Crisis Management

After a gossip magazine report on the company's management, JAYID provided extensive crisis management PR support, which included media relations, consensus building with its management and stakeholders, formulation of external announcements, crafting internal messages, creating Q&A documents, and conducting SNS analysis. As a publicly listed company with a position of responsibility, we aided the company in its efforts to address the situation by gathering case studies from other companies and feedback from both internal and external sources.

Support for professional baseball players involved in solving social problems
Pro Bono
Media Outreach

Many players active in Japanese professional baseball are actively involved in activities to solve social problems. Based on SDGs 1: Eliminate poverty and SDG 4: Provide quality education for all, which are important to JAYID, we have been providing pro bono PR support to organisations that provide assistance to such players since 2022. Through the NPO Baseball Legends Foundation, we will build media relations with players involved in child support and other activities.

Formation of a support team for foreign companies entering the Japanese market
Brand Building
Media Outreach

Although many foreign companies are attracted by Japan's large population and economic strength, many are hesitant to enter the country due to language and business customs barriers. For such global companies, we have formed 'Boost Your Business in Japan', a team of professionals comprising lawyers, company labour specialists, real estate agents and other professionals. We are able to provide a full line of support for these companies from the moment they start thinking about expanding into Japan, right through to stable management.

Supporting the Launch of a New Brand Celebrating Japanese Tradition
PR Strategy

More than a year ago, we were honored to be consulted by the representative of an apparel brand—a favorite among celebrities, cultural figures, and entertainers—about launching a new brand that encapsulates the essence of 'Wa', a concept deeply rooted in Japanese tradition. We have now proudly supported the launch of this new brand, a culmination of meticulous planning and anticipation. Our role included the full spectrum of communication efforts, from issuing press releases to media engagement, ensuring a successful announcement of the brand's debut.

Developing and Managing Public Relations Strategies for a Sales DX Startup
PR Strategy
Media Outreach

We are supporting the public relations efforts of a sales outsourcing and digital transformation (DX) company that has achieved remarkable revenue growth in just two years since its founding. As the company prepares for further growth, we will be supporting them in developing a public relations strategy and managing its implementation.

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